Women's Rowing Travels to Syracuse Saturday

Women's Rowing Travels to Syracuse Saturday

March 30, 2012

BOSTON - Looking to retain the Kittel Cup, the Boston University women's rowing team will travel to Syracuse on Saturday (March 31) with the racing slated to begin at 8:30 a.m. on Lake Onondaga.

Syracuse will be providing an audio broadcast of all the races, which fans can listen to live by calling (712) 432-1496 and 4861#. Fans can bypass announcing their name by pressing #.

The Terriers have captured the Cup three of the last four years, including last season on the Charles River by 3.7 seconds.

Saturday's event will have a unique setup though as No. 16 Cornell and Rutgers will race each other with the winner facing the BU/Syracuse winner two hours later.

After the competition, BU will next travel to Yale to face the Bulldogs and Dartmouth for the Class of 1985 Cup on Saturday, April 7.

Saturday, March 31 Schedule

Time Event   Teams Time Event   Teams
08:30a V8   BU vs. Syracuse (Kittel Cup) 10:30a V8   2v2
08:35a V8   #16 Cornell vs. Rutgers 10:45a V8   1v1
08:50a 2V8   BU vs. Syracuse 11:00a 2V8   2v2
08:55a 2V8   Cornell vs. Rutgers 11:05a 2V8   1v1
09:10a V4   BU vs. Syracuse 11:20a V4   2v2
09:15a V4   Cornell vs. Rutgers 11:25a V4   1v1
09:30a 3V8   BU vs. Syracuse 11:40a 3V8   2v2
09:35a 3V8   Cornell vs. Rutgers 11:45a 3V8   1v1


Varsity Eight: Cox - Kayla Rivers, Stroke - Cheryl Copson, 7 - Kelly Jackson, 6 - Caroline Kimberly, 5 - Gabby Cutler, 4 - Alex Gustafson, 3 - Lynn Ratte, 2 - Mackenzie Wiler, Bow - Cailey Palmer-Rehorst

Second Varsity Eight: Cox - Sarah Specht, Stroke - Cydney Marks-Nicholes, 7 -Caitlin Trillo, 6 - Kate Russell, 5 - Yahna Harris, 4 - Claire Richer, 3 - Amelia Ralston, 2 - Katrina Lyter, Bow - Westanna Carleton

Third Varsity Eight: Cox - Kellen Haley, Stroke - Carol Chase Peterson, 7 - Janelle Jorgensen, 6 - Emily Townsend, 5 - Paige Hakim, 4 - Jovani Small, 3 - Lisha Kaluza, 2 - Maggie Beaton, Bow - Boone Saunders

Varsity Four: Cox - Eline Vermeulen, Stroke - Kerry Kennedy, 3 - Emma Ransom, 2 - Sam Kurtz-Seif, Bow - Marisa Borchardt

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