Women's Tennis Falls at No. 66 Harvard, 4-0

Women's Tennis Falls at No. 66 Harvard, 4-0

Feb. 8, 2014


ALLSTON, Mass. - Competing away from home for the first time this season, the Boston University women's tennis team dropped a 4-0 decision at No. 66 Harvard on Saturday afternoon. Winning two doubles matches and capturing three singles points in straight sets, the Crimson improves to 3-1, while the Terriers fall to 3-2.

In doubles competition, sophomores Kim McCallum and Madison Craft were just one game away from winning when the No. 3 match was called after Harvard claimed 6-3 scores at the top two slots.

During singles, McCallum was the lone Terrier to win a set, but she was unable to complete the No. 6 match as well due to the Crimson winning the No. 2-4 contests in straight sets.

BU will have little time to relax, as the Terriers will next face No. 68 Boston College on Sunday (Feb. 9) at 5 p.m.

#66 Harvard - 4, Boston University - 0

1. Spencer Liang (HARV) led Johanna Hyoty (BU): 6-1, 1-4, unfinished
2. Monica Lin (HARV) def. Lauren Davis (BU): 6-1, 6-3
3. June Lee (HARV) def. Leonie-Charlotte Athanasiadis (BU): 6-2, 6-1
4. Hannah Morrill (HARV) def. Sami Lieb (BU): 6-1, 6-0
5. Amanda Lin (HARV) led Barbara Rodriguez (BU) 6-3, 2-0, unfinished
6. Kim McCallum (BU) led Syliva Li (HARV): 6-4, 1-3 unfinished

1. Lin/Liang (HARV) def. Davis/Rodriguez (BU): 6-3
2. Lee/Morrill (HARV) def. Hyoty/Athanasiadis (BU) 6-3
3. McCallum / Madison Craft (BU) led Lin/Li (HARV): 5-3, unfinished

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