Aug. 25, 2015

By: Naiyah Thompson

This summer has been amazing! From graduation in May to now preparing to go back to Boston this week, the summer was filled with plenty of fun and firsts—both with my family and new teammates. Roughly three weeks after my high school graduation, my family and I went on a cruise and it was quite the family vacation! Both of my parents, my aunt and grandmother on my dad’s side, my stepdad, two of my younger stepsisters and two older sisters all came on the trip.

This cruise was my first time out of the country so I was beyond excited. We stopped at Halfmoon Cay, Grand Turk and Freeport. The trip was great! We all had plenty of fun on and off the boat. My favorite place was Halfmoon Cay. The water was beautiful and we got snorkeling kits to swim around with. Even my dad, who isn’t really fond of hanging out in the sun, came out to spend time on the beach with us.

As I arrived home from our week at sea, preparations for my summer in Boston started immediately. I had a week to get all of my stuff in order before my dad and I were on a flight (an EARLY flight) to Boston. He helped me move in and then there I was, an actual college student and a Division 1 basketball player! The whole team was so nice and welcoming, which definitely made the adjustment easier. Practice and workouts got tough sometimes but we all got through it together.

One of the classes I took over the summer was History of Boston. We had an assignment to go on the Freedom Trail, which is a path through Boston that stops at all the historical places in the city. I am not the biggest fan of history but the Freedom Trial was very interesting and I am very glad I went! There was SOME fun mixed in with all the hard work. We met the men’s basketball team and some of the softball players. All of the newcomers went to the movies and the team had breakfast for dinner, twice, once in Erin Bayram’s apartment and once with the coaches. We also went to eat at my new favorite place, Sunset Cantina. I understand that half of these are about food, but we’re athletes and we like to eat!

The six weeks in Boston flew by and soon I found myself back home in Maryland. I’ve been hanging out with my family and my two best friends, Bianca and Chandler. There were a couple of graduation cookouts and I got to see some friends from high school and AAU before we all left for school. I went to dinner with one of my old AAU coaches and some teammates and we talked about our AAU days and all of the crazy, funny things that happened over the years and how lucky we were to be playing college ball. The best part of being home, though, was getting to see my two-year-old cousin Jahcari. I love him to death and it was great to see him!

Now, I’m once again preparing to go to Boston. This time I’ll be gone much longer and the work will be much harder. I’m nervous—but excited—to return to school and can’t WAIT to see my teammates!

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