Terriers Compete at Princeton Chase on Sunday

Terriers Compete at Princeton Chase on Sunday

PRINCETON, N.J. – The Boston University women's lightweight rowing team continued its fall season on Sunday, competing against openweight and lightweight competition at the Princeton 3-Mile Chase. The day was highlighted by a first-place finish among lightweights in the women's varsity 4 race and a third-place finish among lightweights in the varsity 8 race. 

Location: Lake Carnegie, Princeton, N.J..
Full Results: Regatta Central
  • Women's Lightweight 4 "A"–  1st place among lightweights - 10th place overall (17:26.92)
  • Women's Lightweight 4 "B"–  4th place among lightweights - 18th place overall (18:10.14)
  • Women's Lightweight 8 "A" – 3rd place among lightweights - 24th place overall  (15:34.06)
  • Women's Lightweight 8 "B"– 5th place among lightweights - 34th place overall (15:48.97)
  • Women's Novice 8 "A" - 1st place among lightweights - 3rd place overall (16:34.26)
  • Women's Novice 8 "B" - 2nd among lightweights - 7th place overal (17:21.55)
  • In the women's lightweight 8 race, the Terriers battled lightweight national champion Stanford and Princeton with the Terriers finishing third among lightweights. Coxed by sophomore Anna Wisotzkey and stroked by senior Leigh Shanor, the lightweight varsity boat finished with a time of 15:34.06, behind first-place Stanford (15:10.25) and second-place Princeton (15:24.09).
  • The BU lightweight V4 boat, also coxed by Anna Wisotzkey and stroked by sophomore Janice Hagerman, finished first among lightweights with a time of 17:26.92, ahead of lightweight boats from Princeton (17:36.01) and Stanford (17:46.39).
  • In the novice 8 race, BU's "A" boat, finished 3rd overall with a time of 16:34.26. Competing in a field of 18 boats made up of 14 openweight crews, the novice 8 finished first among lightweights ahead of Princeton. The BU novice 8 "B" boat finished 7th overall and 2nd among lightweights, also ahead of both Princeton's "A" and "B" boats. 
  • The BU women's lightweights will compete in the Foot of the Charles on Saturday, Nov. 12.
Full Results: Regatta Central


Varsity Lightweight 8+ "A"
Coxswain: Anna Wisotzkey
8: Leigh Shanor
7: Janice Hagerman
6: Makayla Karr-Warner
5: Gemma Junkinsmith
4: Annie Shapiro
3: Sarah Kate Rogers
2: Anju Okutani
1: Sarah Maietta

Varsity Lightweight 8+ "B"
Coxswain: Taylor Alix
8: Mariah Ippolito
7: Amy Connell
6: Christina Fitzgerald
5: Kamila Vasquez
4: Gabriella Andreozzi
3: Frances Hausmann
2: Riona McCormick
1: Arianna DiGregorio

Varsity Lightweight 4+ "A"
Coxswain: Anna Wisotzkey
4: Janice Hagerman
3: Makayla Karr-Warner
2: Gemma Junkinsmith
1: Annie Shapiro

Varsity Lightweight 4+ "B"
Coxswain: Taylor Alix
4: Mariah Ippolito
3: Leigh Shanor
2: Christina Fitzgerald
1: Amy Connell

Novice Lightweight 8+ "A"
Coxswain: Katerina Chew
8: Sarah Maietta
7: Frances Hausmann
6: Sarah Kate Rogers
5: Laila Lapins
4: Michelle Seo
3: Riona McCormick
2: Elise Gorberg
1: Arianna DiGregorio

Novice Lightweight 8+ "B"
Coxswain: Taylor Alix
8: Peyton Lancaster
7: Caraghan Selfridge
6: Olivia Osbourn
5: Callie Abouzeid
4: Cait Parker
3: Gabrielle Hebden Pearl
2: Molly Alstodt
1: Kate Horton


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